Working in partnership with like-minded organisations in the UK and across Europe is key to our success. The complementary skills and resources of partners enable us to offer a comprehensive and flexible service. Through these partnerships, we are better able to develop and deliver innovative programmes of learning, training, development and business advice to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We know our own strengths; however we also recognise the value of drawing on the experience and expertise of others to address specific client needs. Our approach to partnership ensures that the best services are brought together to provide outstanding solutions and opportunities for our clients.

Partnership Benefits

  • Better ‘fit’ solutions to client needs
  • Added value for clients, funding agencies and employers
  • Greater capacity
  • Opportunities for bidding consortia for funding
  • Greater efficiency or value for money in the use of resources
  • Sharing of good practice

We particularly recognise the benefits of our European transnational partnerships through which we:

  • Develop personally, professionally and academically
  • Gain vital new skills required for a global economy
  • Broaden our horizons – physically and mentally!
  • Receive financial support
  • Acquire invaluable transferable skills
  • Increase our motivation to keep on learning
  • Develop cultural awareness and open mindedness
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Gain knowledge in new subjects or in teaching methods
  • Improve and gain language skills

   And importantly – Have Fun!!

Contact us to discuss partnership working opportunities:

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Partnership working

The SASSI Partnership

Developing a modular training programme to train trainers in the delivery of age-sensitive learning for older workers and learners 

The VG-CLIL Partnership

Supporting work mobility in Europe by developing employability and language skills through Content and Language Integrated Learning

Our Partner Countries