Job Matching Tool

Apricot has developed an online job matching tool (Self Awareness) which assists employers to find the most suitable candidate and prospective employees to find the most suitable job. Employers complete a short questionnaire to create a soft skills profile for the job; candidates complete their own questionnaire, and get a report detailing their soft skills, working style preferences and learning styles.

The job matching tool assesses the soft skills results and identifies the 'best fit' match. The 'hard skills' are then evaluated to refine the match further. This process ensures that candidates who do not meet the educational qualification but who  might have high potential for other reasons are not overlooked.  Job matching is an important supporting element of the recruitment process; supporting more effective interviewing and the final decision on whether or not to take on the candidate lies with the employer.

As the result of an EU funded project, the Self Awareness Job Matching Tool is now available in 8 EU languages: See us on You-Tube: 


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